The free FileZilla program was developed in 2001. The following year after the first release, the application gained great popularity. Users liked the simple use and user-friendly interface of the software. The application supports many devices. You can install the free package on Windows, MAC OS, Linux. To download the official version of FileZilla for free, you can use the links that are on our page.

Main functions and features of the program

In addition to the main function, that is, data transfer between devices, there are others.

The current version contains:

  • built-in hints;
  • security and privacy;
  • encrypted connection;
  • data exchange;
  • technical assistance;
  • creating an account.

To download the program to your computer for free, you need to follow the link to the page for installing the program. Next, familiarize yourself with the supported devices. To avoid problems with downloading the installation file, you should check the device memory and the confirmed installation permission. Next, find and click on the built-in "Download" panel and wait for the download to finish.

Installation after downloading the program

First you need to select a safe location. Usually users choose the "Desktop" or the "Start" panel. In order to connect to the FTP server, you need to enter the address in the quick connect field. If the connection needs to be carried out through the protocol, then you only need to enter the name. All that remains is to click on the built-in "Quick Connection" panel or on the "Enter" button to connect. You can save the connection parameters using the "Site Manager". After connecting, select "Copy connection to Site Manager" from the menu. This is necessary in order to create a permanent account. Next, you also need to connect a partner device. Optionally, you can configure auto-update or enable notifications.


So, FileZilla is developing more and more every year. There are new built-in features and functions, for which we should pay tribute to the developers.